Security guard with earpiece

Professional, Plainclothes Security


Security and Protection by Trained Professionals

APS provides security for high-threat targets including estates and offices, special events, and sacred art in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Duluth. 

Our team will conduct a thorough security and vulnerability assessment and use that information to develop a thoughtful security plan.  While our tactics may change, our goal is always the same: protect the people and property assigned to our care.  

Our team has extensive training in firearms, non-lethal alternatives, and conflict de-escalation.  We regularly partner with physical security experts to ensure the appropriate use of electronic security, surveillance, and other systems to provide a complete security solution for clients. 

If you have a high-risk situation, we can help.   Our team is able to deploy within days, not weeks and we have the tools, training, and experience that you need to feel comfortable and safe.  Examples of our services include:

  • Providing protection during labor disputes or high-risk terminations
  • Ensuring the secure transport of jewelry, documents, or artifacts
  • Security the estate of a VIP
  • Providing protection to property during civil unrest

APS provides only armed security.  We do not provide unarmed, uniformed security services at this time.


Work With Us

For over 25 years, APS has been locating missing persons, reuniting families, and assisting in criminal prosecutions of those responsible.