Insurance and Injury Investigations


Ethical, Legal Surveillance by Experienced Professionals.

We collect effective, compelling evidence for court and administrative hearings.

With our team of experienced investigators and our collection of state-of-the-art surveillance technology, you’ll get the evidence and answers you need, fast. 

We partner with self-insured businesses, insurance companies, and law firms to investigate injury and insurance claims.

We perform actions such as:

  1. Surveillance of personal injury claimants to verify the injury and its impact on the claimant 
  2. Document and photograph accident scenes
  3. Locate and interview potential witnesses and obtain statements

If your company or client is facing workers’ compensation or personal injury litigation, APS professionals can help get the evidence you need. Our investigators are experienced and thorough, and work at competitive rates.


Work With Us

For over 25 years, APS has been successfully providing investigations, process service, and high-end security for clients throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.