Civil and Criminal Investigations


Experienced Investigators for Your Toughest Cases

The training, tools, and experience needed to gather evidence to solve your legal issues.

Our investigators know the law and uncover the truth for both civil and criminal investigations. Our expert criminal investigative services have helped solve criminal cases ranging from theft of intellectual property to homicide. 

Civil and criminal investigative services include: 

  • Investigating crimes on behalf of victims: both organizations and private parties
    • Collecting evidence to be used in criminal prosecution
  • Conducting criminal defense investigations
    • Locating and interviewing witnesses or collecting other evidence that may prove a person’s innocence. 
  • Obtaining evidence of fraud, embezzlement, or theft (often on behalf of a company or organization)
  • Photographing the scenes of accidents

Each APS investigator is fully trained and equipped to secure the best evidence possible for your case. We provide our clients with continuous updates on the status of their case. Upon completion of a case, we provide a detailed and professional investigative report.


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For over 25 years, APS has been successfully providing investigations, process service, and high-end security for clients throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.