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» WEBMASTERS, if you are interested in exchanging links please e-mail us with the following information:

1. Title: Use a brief title - the name of your website. Please DO NOT CAPITALIZE ANY WORD ENTIRELY.

2. Description: Include a brief description in English (10 to 30 Words). Do Not Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word. DO NOT CAPITALIZE ANY WORD ENTIRELY. Do not simply use keywords.

3. URL: Be sure to double-check the exact URL address

4. Reciprocal URL: Enter the URL address where you have a link to

5. Contact Name: Your name is for our use only and will not be published.

6. Contact Email: Your e-mail address will not be published nor given to anyone else.

Please send your information along with any additional comments to:


» This is the information for adding our link to your site:

1. Title: Applied Professional Services - Investigation and Security Agency

2. URL:

3. Description: APS provides confidential investigations, surveillance, repossession, legal process service, background checks, personal injury and workers' comp investigative services, as well as business and home security and fire protection systems, alarm monitoring and security guard services for Minnesota and Wisconsin. Licensed, bonded and insured.


» For the Text Link and description as listed above, Copy & Paste the code below onto your web page.


Please note we are mainly interested in adding additional sites with a strong investigative, security, or legal emphasis, although we will consider other sites!

Your link will be approved and added to our links page once we visit your site to verify the information and find a reciprocal link back to our site from your site. Placement may take up to several days depending on our workload. We do not knowingly exchange links for pornographic, hatred, or other such generally unsuitable websites. We reserve the right to decline your site or remove your link if we feel the material is inappropriate in any way.

If you find any links that are out of date or inaccurate please let us know. Please note that Applied Professional Services is not responsible for the privacy practices or the contents of any external internet sites listed here or elsewhere within this site.

Disclaimer: APS cannot verify the accuracy or licensure of any external link or its host. It is the user's responsibility to confirm any external links credibility. Please be advised that APS assumes no responsibility for any website, host, or agency not directly affiliated with Applied Professional Services.